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Tweets for week ending on 2009-03-28

@oreoferret Wait a minute, what are you doing in WY? # Just used ChipIn to contribute to the recording of Sinch’s new album. Are there authors using the same model to avoid the publisher system? # I had abstained from … Continue reading

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“The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels, and the Business of AIDS” by Elizabeth Pisani

Did not get a chance to finish this as the library called it back, but read the majority of the book from February  2009 till March 2009. Pisani documents her travels and entrance into the world of “sex and drugs” … Continue reading

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A site reborn. v2 is public

This website, my website, is finally rebuilt and I’m happy with how it is built now and for the most part with how it looks.  There are always improvements to be made, but I am most happy with how I … Continue reading

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Tweets for week ending on 2009-03-21

Shaily and I signed closing papers today on our new townhome in the U-District neighborhood of Seattle. Moving in by end of the month, yay! # @kylerow I’m jealous. Drink another for me. #

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Reminder of why I love the Internet

I heart the discussion between Mark Cuban and Avner Ronen regarding the future of television content (see boxee blog » a lively debate with mark cuban). As far as I can tell, they both are saying similar things, with Mark’s … Continue reading

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Tweets for 2009-03-21

@kylerow I’m jealous. Drink another for me. #

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