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one bus away website

one bus away website

OBAClient – One Bus Away Desktop Client

Simple desktop application to assist with letting you know when your bus is only a few minutes from your stop.  Set it up with what bus, what stop, around what time you want to catch the bus, and how many minutes before the bus arriving at your stop do you want to be notified and it will pop up a reminder on your computer at that time.

Check out the project page to see where things are at, and definitely send me feedback if you are using the app! website website website

After fighting with last-minute breaking changes on my site I finally realized I needed to treat this site like any other software project.  So I created a developer site, checked in my code into a repository, and added a bunch of features within a day.

To see the ingredients of this site, and how I put it together, check out the project page.  I have also documented the steps I took to modularize the site to provide a developer environment along with the production environment.