“A Case of Need” by Michael Crichton (writing as Jeffrey Hudson)

Product Details Read in November 2008 while on Roadtrip to Seattle.  Purchased from used bookstore on University of Michigan, Ann Arbor campus.

This is an old story but well written and classic Crichton.  This is his first fictional novel, based in the 1960s (when it was written) and since it is about the controversial topic of abortion Crichton chose to write it under a pseudonym.  The story boils down to a murder mystery about a girl who was getting an illegal abortion in a Boston hospital.  The main character’s job is to find out what really happened and free the doctor who is being setup for the death.  Subtle social commentary as the doctor being setup is Chinese and everyone in the hospital knows he performs abortions on the side.

Well worth the read, read more about it and buy it here.

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