“Seize the Night” by Dean Koontz

Product Details Listened to this in November 2008 while on the roadtrip from Arlington, VA to Seattle, WA.

This is my first Koontz novel and I think he writes for a different age group.  I realized I am a fan of classic science fiction – Koontz’s type of science fiction/thriller writing is bothersome to me.  I am under the impression his audience is teenage boys or something like that with the one-sided narrative and outlandish themes.

There is little to no science in Koontz’s characters.  The main character being light-phobic is okay, but the overall story was entirely too long (for no good reason).  The last few discs were a chore to complete.

Unless you like Koontz already I would avoid this book, and I am reasonably sure I will avoid Koontz from now on for sci-fi/fiction.

Read more about it and buy it from here.

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