“The Wisdom of Whores: Bureaucrats, Brothels, and the Business of AIDS” by Elizabeth Pisani

Product DetailsDid not get a chance to finish this as the library called it back, but read the majority of the book from February  2009 till March 2009.

Pisani documents her travels and entrance into the world of “sex and drugs” as she puts it to find out about the spread of HIV through the late 1990s.  The story moves quickly and her writing style is enjoyable.  Her perspective is pragmatic and how she writes about “whipping up” the case for HIV to get funding from the rich countries and the difficulties in getting accurate results in developing countries.  There is lots of content mixed in with great stories about the sex habits in Indonesia, Singapore, among other places.

Enjoyable read considering I know nothing about epidemialogy.  Hope to get it again from the library soon and finish it off.

Read more about it and buy it from here. Find out more from Pisani’s site as well: https://www.wisdomofwhores.com.

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