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Engineering Team Communication: Using Mailing Lists Effectively

Image by Getty Images via Daylife Most teams in business today rely on email.  Though imperfect it is ubiquitous for electronic communication.  It has proven the lowest-common denominator for communication between team members. The question of how to organize email … Continue reading

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Model-View Controller Design Pattern Presentation

Quick post with a couple attachments. Recently I put together a couple presentations to present to a working group inside University of Washington. If you are on a team or in an organization that has not heard of model-view controller, … Continue reading

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Reality Check: There is No Perfect Job

This is the first in a series of posts about the realities of life as I have found them. “Find a job you love and never work again” – This quote is completely wrong.  The truth is that every career, … Continue reading

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2008: Year in Review

Editorial Update: Removed a couple of unnecessary stories from this post – they served no purpose and I decided I didn’t need them to get my point across. Though it is past April 15th and I missed my “taxes” deadline … Continue reading

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A site reborn. rajatarya.com v2 is public

This website, my website, is finally rebuilt and I’m happy with how it is built now and for the most part with how it looks.  There are always improvements to be made, but I am most happy with how I … Continue reading

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boxee Installed on Apple TV – the little box comes to life

Problem Description: Crappy interface for playing .avi files with .srt files for subtitles on Media Center PC.  This interface is what I predominantly use My Media Center PC for these days – simply to play movies sitting on my home … Continue reading

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